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Impulse Synthetic Aperture Radar: Through-the-wall and Underground Imaging



Eureka’s Impulse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ImpSAR) system, currently in advanced phase of development, is a microwave imaging technology capable of seeing through walls made of materials as diverse as drywall, wood, concrete, and brick, enabling its users to remotely view personnel, weapons, and other targets at a large standoff range of up to 50 meters for a vehicle mounted platform (in future development, airborne systems will have an extended range in excess of 1,000m). The system can also provide localization and mapping interior walls, underground structures and mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), improvised explosive devices (IEDs), bunkers, and caves containing hostile subjects. Discussions and testing with the military and various law enforcement agencies have identified numerous applications for the ImpSAR technology (IED detection, localization and identification, search and rescue, identification of building inhabitants in combat areas, hostage situations, drug control, border enforcement, etc.). The ImpSAR sensor will reliably detect, localize, and identify targets under day/night and all-weather conditions from a potential variety of operational platforms such as vans, trucks, UAVs, helicopters, a variety of fixed-wing airplanes and ground vehicles such as HMMWVs and infantry fighting vehicles. The system will be capable of remotely generating 2D and 3D images of stationary or mobile targets at large standoff distance while delivering much higher (sub-inch) resolution images than any other technology available.

Security Problem Addressed

This project will provide an indispensable tool for combating terrorist and insurgent activities at home and abroad. The system is also expected to solve the problem of detection, localization, and identification of IEDs, which clearly represent a serious and persistent threat to the United States and Coalition Armed Forces personnel and vehicles. The proposed solution will provide the Warfighter with the necessary means for detection, avoidance, and clearance in support of mounted and dismounted operations in the theater. Moreover, the proposed system is urgently needed in all branches of the United States and Coalition Armed Forces and law enforcement and can also be used for a clandestine detection and identification of  targets behind different types of walls, as well as localize and map buildings, underground structures, unexploded ordnance (UXO), in a variety of complex, hostile environments. Once deployed in the field, it will have a direct impact on saving lives of military personnel, law enforcement, and civilians, and has a potential in redefining the way tactical operations are conducted, by way of providing “transparent structure” information directly to the Warfighter.


The interest in the technology to date has been exhibited by numerous potential customers across a wide range of agencies, countries, and backgrounds. Besides strong financial and logistical support provided to date by the US Department of Defense, inquiries and market analysis show significant interest to the law enforcement community, different branches of the Department of Homeland Security, and a wide variety of military users.